Dior makeup dupes but better 💅🙌

Its no fact I love makeup and trying almost everything from all brands. Dior beauty is on fire this past year and they have many amazing products. However, the price tag is RIP. But being a makeup junkie, I have found dupes but BETTER and here’s why:

Dior 001 Blush:

Kylie’s Winterkiss is my dupe for this viral blush. They are very very similar in that they are a light pink blue toned blush. However, Kylie’s texture is a lot better to pick up on your brush and slightly deeper so it suits more skin tones and looks less pastel chalky. Also, it costs less than half the price without a sale.

Dior Cherry Lip Oil:

I bought one of these and literally returned it after trying it on. If it’s sticky or tacky, its a nope for me. A better dupe is Catrice’s lip oil in the shade Raspberry. They also have a lot of other colors. Literally looks the same but feels soooo much better on the lips, not sticky at all. AND its about $6!!!

Dior Forever Concealer:

My first reaction trying this concealer, oh man the first makeup product that made my jaw drop. I’ve struggled my whole life to find a concealer that doesn’t crease under my eyes badly. The texture of this one is thin and is medium coverage with a skin like finish. My dupe for this one is the Nyx Bare with me concealer. Literally the texture is the same: thin, medium coverage, skin-like finish. However, I find the Nyx is even more resistant to creasing, so its good for longevity. Also, it costs 1/3 of the price.

Dior Lip Maximizer in Rosewood:

Seriously one of my favorite lip glosses of all time. It has a pleasant cool minty effect and its such a beautiful neutral pink color with medium pigmentation. A good dupe for this one is Physician formula’s diamond plumper in the shade Champagne cushion cut. The color is very similar, but Physician’s is a slightly deeper pink with slight shimmer and is less opaque. They both have very similar texture and that minty effect. There are a lot of other colors as well that dupes the clear one and 001 pink from Dior. Personally would rather buy the Physicians even though this dupe isn’t super exact.

If any of you guys have more dupes or tried any of these, please lmk! 😀




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