All Time Favorite Highlighters âœ¨ðŸŽ‡ðŸŒŸâœ¨ðŸŽ†

Time to rave about a category of makeup almost everyone loves, hehe! Some links to purchase these will be put down below.

For barely there and natural highlight:

Briefly talked about it in my All Time Favorite Contour/Bronzers post, but have to mention again Kevin Aucoin’s Candlelight highlighter as a wonderful barely there/ all over highlight.

For a beautiful natural highlight, Essence’s Pure nude highlight is hands down my #1 in quality and price. Its good for almost all skintones (if you are super fair probably not), and it gives a creamy smooth highlight to the cheekbones. The tone is a light beige/champagne, so the sheen actually looks like skin. Go a but heavy handed, you can make it blinding!

Another buildable natural looking highlight is the Colourpop Supershock highlighter in the shade Smokin’ whistles. Its a cream to powder formula that has a putty like texture. Because of the texture, it gives a smooth creamy finish that doesn’t emphasize texture. Apply this a little heavy handed, and you can make it super blinding. It has a beige pink base and a more silvery reflect.

For the times you want to shine like the sun:

Colourpop highlighter in Lunch Money: A popular classic that is the blinding baby of Essence Pure nude and Smokin’ whistles. This highlighter has a beige base but a silver champagne hybrid reflect.

Becca Moonstone highlighter: I love this highlighter! Although its a powder, it gives such a creamy finish and is similar shade and reflect as the Pure nude (almost a dupe), but Moonstone is more yellow toned. I have the mini version and it barely has a dent.

Maybelline Master chrome highlight in shade 250: This is the ultimate in the blinding scale in my collection. Very similar in shade and reflect as Moonstone, but blinding-ness on another level. This was made in collaboration with Nikki Tutorials, so you know its blinding. This is the highlight you want to wear at the club ✨.

Kylie Cosmetics Highlighter in CandyK: This is part of the CandyK monochromatic set. I forgot to add the CandyK blush in my favorite blushes but yes, I highly recommend. The highlighter is a light pink shade with pink silver reflect and barely there hints of glitter specks. I would only recommend this for the cheekbones because of the glitter particles which could stray/be messy elsewhere on the face.

Aaaand these are my top highlighter recommendations! Obviously, these catered more towards my fair-light skin tone, but all of these brands/products have different shades that would work more for you! For the upcoming categories such as eyeshadow and lipsticks, I might have to make a video because there are so many and so much to talk about so stay tuned! You can follow my blog via email or WP account to be notified when I post next!



Content wise, if there’s anything you would like to see, let me know by commenting down below! 💖


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