All time Favorite Foundations and Primers

Starting up the makeup series going over my all-time favorite face products! I will be going over powders, blush, highlight, etc next!

The main thing I love about the recommendations below is that they all look “skin-like” (aka not super matte and cakey) and they stand full-night out wear! Most are really affordable as well! I’m paring up the best primers for each foundation, since every product is different! ***I am combo/normal with oily/acne prone T-zone.

Starting off with more natural, everyday, medium coverage:

I love these two, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Catrice HD liquid foundation. It does what it claims, it has a second skin effect, and barely creases! I use it as concealer nowadays because concealers always make apparent creases under my eyes, and I don’t want to look older than I am. 😅 The Fresh wear is great for day-time wear since it has SPF and it has a satin-matte finish. I use it more in the summer since the shade is slightly darker for me.

I’ve been experimenting these foundations with different primers and the best one for least creasing is Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base. Because these foundations are thinner, the base/primer needs to be a bit more hydrating/thicker or else your fine lines would show more.

Full-coverage, flawless, that lasts all day:

My perfect combo is Hourglass and Makeup Revolution’s stick foundation. These two together lasted all of EDC, didn’t break up, and looked the same as when I first applied it on my face. Absolutely amazing. **The Makeup revolution foundation isn’t in the photo because I can’t find it anywhere! T.T

I found this combo unintentionally since my Hourglass foundation was a bit too dark and my Makeup revolution one was a bit too light. So I mixed them together to get the right shade. But that’s not all. The Hourglass one is more mattifying and can look dry, especially on drier skin; however, the Makeup revolution is a more dewy, satin foundation catered towards drier skin. Together, they give a nice satin skin-like finish.

I usually pair this full coverage duo with Tatcha’s silk canvas in areas I want smooth and pore-less, such as my T-zone and under my eyes.

In my next post I will be going over face powders and setting sprays to go with, so stay tuned! Don’t forget to follow the blog/ sign up for email notifications so you will know when I will post next! Let me know what are your favorites below!

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