Skin care empties of 2019

I went through a lot of skin care related stuff this year and not all of the stuff in the photo is included in what I went through.

Since there’s a lot of Tatcha might as well discuss there products first 😅.

That’s my first bottle of the essence and I am still using it! The water gel (not shown in photo) I went through was alright. It was not as moisturizing as the water cream and I get greasy pretty easily, hence not a good moisturizer. Your face produces oils when it feels “dry” so that didn’t help. The water cream is thicker than the water gel and feels nice on the skin; however, it doesn’t “dry down” enough that sometimes my hair would get stuck on my face and feel like it transfers onto the pillow. But this could be a preference! If you want to find out about my cheaper and better moisturizer I am currently using you can find it in my Night-time Skin care routine.

The Tatcha mask I still really like! If you are very sensitive, you can feel the AHAs working their magic! The mask is on the thicker side, smooth, and luxurious. I don’t use it as often since I already have AHAs in my cleanser I use. However, if you need an AHA pick me up and want to splurge I recommend this mask.

I love the Tatcha sunscreen. I LOVE how it is a mineral sunscreen since there is controversy over chemical sunscreens entering your bloodstream. In addition, it leaves minimal white cast on the face despite being a mineral sunscreen. It is a little thick, but it has a pore blurring-like effect so it is an amazing makeup base. Two in one! However, it is really pricey for the amount, especially when you use sunscreen almost everyday. But I totally recommend this and would repurchase if I want to splurge.

The Tatcha camellia gold spun lip balm. Woow! It is the most luxurious lip balm on this planet! It has A LOT of gold flakes of real gold in it that breaks down into fine glitter-like flecks when applied to the lips. However, for the price I wish it was in a glass container like the other lip balms. In addition, you can barely see the gold’s effect on the lips, so the gold to me is just for a luxury effect. It is a thicker balm but feels amazing on the lips and not super sticky.


Sweet chefs Vitamin C serum: If you haven’t seen my night time skin care routine blog post, you know I raaave about this product…enough said. 😍

Clinique Moisture Surge: My moisturizer since middle school-wow! This is for normal to oily skin. I would not recommend this for dry skin because I had dry patches before and does it burn them. I wouldn’t recommend this over my holy grail, especially since its cheaper as well.


Okay lets talk about the spraaaaays! The UD deslick setting spray is okay. It did help set in powders, but did not help control oils very well. Would not repurchase.

Pixi’s famed milky mist. I feel like this could work as an essence or a setting spray for more dry skin. I’ve tried this mist like a moisturizer and for setting makeup and it made me more oily and too shiny. I understand the current glass skin and dewy effect trend, but I put powders on my face to mattify, so this is counterproductive. But again, all a preference! The mist/spray of this bottle is A++++++ I use the bottle for other purposes because its that great. 😅

Holika holika’s Good Cera Super Ceramide Mist: Spray reminds me almost of a spray can mechanism but its not. The spray on this is fine and great. The mist is ph 5.5, which is supposedly close to your natural skin pH and contains ceramide (we love). However, the ceramide ingredient is one of the last so I have not seen a huge skin difference. The mist claims it is goof for sensitive and dry skin, which seems ironic when my skin is normal/oily non sensitive and I feel a barely there burning sensation (probably because of the low pH). So I definitely will not recommend this for sensitive or dry skin. The mist would be most effective like a toner before putting on moisturizer. After makeup, I don’t think the benefits would reach your skin.


Okay…what’s that pill bottle in the photo? Well, that is Purely Holistic’s phytocermaide supplements! What’s amazing about ceramides is that it can be ingested yet go to your skin’s barrier–wow mind boggling! The supplements also contain Vitamin A, C, D, and E. I started taking these supplements last year and I can tell you it 100% works. Call it horrifying, but I do not like lotion, so my legs can get dry and scaly…. I know, I know. But after 2 months of using this product, the scaliness of my legs lessened a great deal. So yay, I still don’t need lotion-LOL. I can’t attest to effects on my face since I do not have dryness or prominent wrinkles there; however, cermaides are all over your skin so taking ceramides helps everywhere. I buy this supplement on Amazon and it is the best quality and price on the market there. It is made with rice derived ceramides which are scientifically proven to be more effective than for example, potato derived ceramides. I have over 4 empty bottles of this in my drawer.

Aaaaand thats my product empties! I am always on the lookout for clean and good ingredient skin care products for a great price. Let me know what skin products you guys rave about or products you see here you might want to try! Thank you for reading to this point! 🥰

Much Love,



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