All Time Favorite Mascaras

Like always, I recommend the best with the best bang for your buck! I rarely wear mascara, but when I do, it better be amazing. Stay tuned for a cool makeup trick!

When you need waterproof, volume, and the curl to hold:

Essence’s Lash Princess False Lash Waterproof mascara is my holygrail. The price is less than $5, say whaaat? Absolutely amazing. Waterproof mascaras are able to hold your eyelash curl for longer periods of time. I’ve been on a year long hunt for a mascara that is waterproof and gives amazing volume for a great price and this is it!

When you need non-waterproof and natural looking lashes:

Loreals’s Lash Paradise is a popular favorite. When I wear mascara, I don’t wear it non-waterproof. This mascara helps with length, but not with volume whatsoever. Hence, I was a bit disappointed with this one, but I found an amazing trick/use for this mascara.

I have light eyebrows, so I always need to pencil them in. But if you want to make your brows show up in a natural way, use this mascara on your eyebrows almost like an eyebrow gel. It gives a natural-but-not definition to your brows and make your individual brow hairs darker and thicker. In my current brow routine, I mainly use this in my inner brow hairs. So now I repurposed this mascara as a brow mascara! 😅


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