Part 2: When Motivation isn’t Enough…


I also want to remind that its okay to have those days (I’ve had many) when you are not “motivated” to be a better version of yourself. It is okay to have days to feel sad, cry, or be mentally exhausted. Spending time to have a mental break is all part of the process of grieving and self-love. And when you are ready, get back up again.

Part 2 is so long over due and more than ever so relevant during this time so here it is!

Self discipline is the ultimate power of self control. My heart wants to reopen and rewrite a chapter; however, self discipline has told me not to, no matter how much I want to and how much it hurts, because I know deep down what is best. Self discipline has told me to snap myself out of dwelling in negative thoughts and emotions when you feel like suffering is what you deserve. Self discipline has told me to hustle when all I want to do is stay in bed when I know it would of otherwise serve me no benefit.

If you have self discipline, you won’t deny and turn a blind eye to your tendency to self-sabotage and self-disrespect. Self discipline comes from self love and respect. If you love yourself enough, you will not feel comfortable to allow yourself to continue to sink to rock bottom. Would you allow your friend to wallow in negativity and do self-harmful things? No, so why not be a friend to yourself?

I describe my self discipline like a tough football coach. Why? Sometimes when I am wallowing in negativity, it is this coach that tells me to snap out of it, stop thinking about it, and keep going. I imagine him with a cap, whistle, microphone and all. He tells me in the morning when I had barely any sleep the night before to get up and start the day. When I can’t seem to make myself start writing the first sentence for an essay, he tells me get past the action potential, just start writing. Self discipline tells me to believe in myself even when I feel like I am not ready or worthy. Self discipline is you being a life coach to yourself.

Self discipline makes you more self-reliant. You are more independent when you can be your own best friend, mom with a broom, and coach. 😅However, even I have trouble being this to me all the time, but that’s okay. Self discipline and self love go hand and hand–they are always a work in progress. So join me, in this crazy life as human beings, in this journey of self-love.



Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in this lifetime is love myself

Teflon Sega

P.S. Check out his music he never puts out a bad song. He is absolutely amazing and I will continue to feature his songs on this blog! 💜


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