Public Speaking

Ever since I was little, I have been introverted and not very outgoing. I was really scared of public speaking, especially in front of fellow classmates. In my mind, all I can think about is that my classmates will make fun of me, that my voice was too manly, or that I will forget or mess up. However, you can never avoid public speaking in your life. One way or another, there will be a time you must speak in front of numerous people, whether it is a research presentation or your wedding. Although I had a fear of public speaking, I have been put into so many public speaking opportunities throughout my academic career and extracurriculars. Classes I must take have group presentations and so, I must talk about to the class. To get a good grade in the class, I had to participate and speak up. In addition, I was in leadership during all my years from middle school to college, so of course, I was public speaking a lot.

     You may be wondering why would I still do all of this, even though I am super scared of it? My all time favorite quote I learned was from the Princess Diaries (2001) movie that I watched as a little girl, is “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement something else is more important than the fear”. The quote is by Ambrose Redmoon, and explains that being courageous doesn’t mean you are not scared. Just because I did so much public speaking, doesn’t mean I was not still scared of it. I realize in order to do well in class and to be a great leader in my school clubs, I have to put my fear aside and communicate to others. My fear was less important than the things I must accomplish.

     A good tip to overcome your fear is to face it. I think that’s definitely true because I can truly say I am now not so scared of public speaking. Yes, I do get nervous that I am going to mess up, but I now have confidence in myself that I will do just fine.

How does this relate to everything? Well, if you keep facing any challenge you have in your life head on, whether it is a fear, a school subject, or a sport, you will get better and overcome the challenge.




Comment below any other tips you guys have! ❤

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2 thoughts on “Public Speaking

  1. Trinh

    Awesome post, Karen! Super proud of you trying new things and sharing what you love/learn. Hope you keep this blog running, I’ll be back to read more ❤


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